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  • Content Production

A dream for your ears

A place of never-ending music, weekly podcasts from a wide variety of artists, and all online. HOC Radio wanted an experimental website to showcase their online radio. They didn't want to rely solely on social media to interact with listeners.

Reacting beat by beat

We set out on a mission. How to create little Hauses of Color? Each podcast has its own house and, within it, frequencies of sound. We played around, searching for ways to turn sound into colours. Using an RGB system of lines, they react to the highs, mids, and lows from the audio. Resulting in visualisers automatically created by each podcast.

From experiment to identity

The visual language created for the website eventually turned into their identity system. We worked together on creating a design system for their social media posts. They also throw great parties now and then, follow them on IG to stay informed @hocradio
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