As design companies go, we're just like the rest. We think creatively about your problems, and puffff, as if out of nowhere, we create a piece of communication that bridges the gap between you and your audience. This is what fascinates us, moving from nothing to something, and that something is eye-opening for you.
Why On Earth
are we fascinated?
Enjoyees of the Unknown

We thought it was a good idea to develop this website ourselves. Our knowledge of code went from 0 to 40, with a hell of a lot to learn. We aren't afraid of the dark, throw everything you've got at us.

Hearing in the Dark

If we're not listening to what you're saying, we won't ever reach the light. The most important voice to be heard is yours, not ours. We take your message and relay it to your audience.

Moving into the Light

Once we've understood what's needed to be said, we'll move your message into the light, keep it on the Darkside, or stay in the grey. It all depends on who you're talking to.

Flowing Forward

We move around the labels to fit new circumstances. Call us what you want. Each new day, brings a new perspective carrying a new word. Today we're a studio. Tomorrow, your collaborator.

What do we do?
How we challenge ourselves every day.
Creative Direction
A great sense of direction can make all creative decisions easier to make. We listen to your problems and figure out creative ways of resolving them.
Everything has an identity. Our job to make them understandable and with meaning. From a logo to colour palettes, everything systemised to create a clear visual personality.
Web Design
The digital home for a project. A great web experience is great brand experience, you can’t have one without the other. Show your guests what you’re about.
Art Direction
Somethings are hard to define. How should it make them feel? What mood are we looking for? A couple of questions that are answered with great art direction.
Who are you, what’s your story? We’ll listen to what you’ve gotta say and help define how to tell your story to your audience.
Publication Design
Printed matter. Yeah, old school. We love books, and all things that are binded. We love to bind concepts to content and ensure the design gets printed.
Content Production
We have the direction, we now need to produce. Whether film or photography, we’re ready to start capturing the images needed to talk about that idea.
The container for your product. A physical interaction that can aggravate or delight an end client.
Motion Graphics
Jump, walk, talk. We can bring identities and ideas to life with simple pieces that are motion charged. Taking static messages to a new level.
Graphic Design
Wait, isn’t that what we do? Everything is design, even those pesky pitch decks. Everything your identity needs to communicate its message.