Honey, straight from the source

Walking around markets in Nan, Thailand, it's normal to find residents selling wild honey gathered from the surrounding forests. Oshà wanted to help local collectors commercialise their product and sell it to visitors to the region. We did our bit to help by helping with their brand narrative, identity and packaging.

Taking us back

What does everyone want when visiting a new place? To take home a piece of it, retain the memories created there. Our idea was to design an identity based on what the nature surrounding Nan had to offer. Thick green forests, full of life and a lack of human presence.
“raw honey collected & processed following traditional methods”

Honey delivered

The golden colour of the honey, the air bubbles floating around, its texture and feel. We wanted to let it breathe and show it off. The jar had a minimum intervention, using a minimalist screen print with the necessary information and letting the honey do the talking.
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Kian Darvishian
Carla Pitarch