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Software & technology

Wheel Hub are specialists in digital consulting. They are digital natives, consulting on all things tech & software. All very clear until we understood their audience. We discovered two insights, a lack of knowledge of what technology can do & a nervousness with the speed at which tech & software are progressing. Our challenge had begun. We had to create an identity & strategy that would ensure their audience felt safe & secure when working with Wheel Hub.

Warming up to the digital world

To achieve a sense of security, we generated a friendly colour system. We looked for a typeface that spoke expertise but with approachable aspects. Finally, we chose an illustration style that would complement the texts and boost our overall goal of creating an identity system that showed off technology's kind side.

Worries, ideas, and resources

We wanted to connect WH's vision to a larger community. To do this, we proposed three types of content. The first type is about the latest industry advancements contrasted with daily worries. The second is focused on ideas and creating hypothetical futures with emerging technologies and how they may shape our lives. The third was to generate free resources and tips so Wheel Hub could share their vast knowledge and experience.
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Software & Tech
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